Meet Rebel, a dog hit by a car.

When Veterinary Emergencies happen, time is critical and so is getting to a Veterinary Hospital that is specially trained, equipped and has the experience to handle any emergency.

Sometimes even when you’re being careful, unexpected accidents can happen. This is the story of Rebel, a 1 1/2-year-old female Pit Bull with a lot of energy and a very playful spirit. She lives with Kristy, her husband, and their children, who all consider Rebel to be a member of the family.

dog hit with broken leg

Rebel shortly after coming into the Veterinary Emergency Hospital.

One day, Rebel got loose and ran into the street in front of the house where she was hit by a truck. This left her with a broken and scraped up leg.

In this scary time, Rebel’s family called a veterinary clinic close to their house. Unfortunately, that clinic told them they would only be able to stabilize Rebel, they wouldn’t be able to keep her overnight to monitor her condition if needed. They recommended Artemis Emergency Veterinary & Specialty Services since they have worked with them in the past and understand Artemis’ capabilities. Although Artemis would be a longer drive for them (thirty minutes as opposed to three), they immediately got in the car and headed over.

broken dog leg

Rebel’s broken leg

When your pet has an emergency, we recommend that you call either before you come or while you’re heading over if possible. This allows us to gather some basic information on your pet, the nature of the emergency, make recommendations for care that you might be able to provide, and give assistance with directions if needed.  Furthermore, this allows the Artemis Trauma Team (ATT) to have all appropriate equipment ready, and be waiting at the door when you pull up and immediately triage your pet.  However, whether you call ahead or not, the trauma team is ready to take care of you and your pet upon arrival.

Once Rebel’s family pulled into the parking lot and picked up Rebel to bring her inside, a trained member of the ATT held the door open for them and started asking questions. As soon as she got inside, Rebel was immediately triaged, and taken to the back and given immediate care. She was kept overnight in order to make sure she was responding to the treatment well, and Rebel’s family was not only called that night, but also in the morning to let them know how she was doing.

In the weeks since the accident, Rebel has maintained her sweet temperament and is popular among the staff when she comes in to have her bandages changed. Only two weeks later, Rebel is back on her feet and doing great! Per her Mother, Rebel has been acting like she’s forgotten she was hurt at all (although the pain meds are helping her with that) and she still loves being with her family, playing, and being spoiled overall.  Her family has stated that she is trying to climb on the furniture, go up and down stairs, and run around outside in the sun.  However, because of her current condition, those activities are severely limited and have been temporarily put on hold.

Rebel’s sweet and outgoing personality may be surprising to you have ever heard the common stereotypes about Pit Bulls. However, against common belief, Pit Bulls are very people-friendly and make good family pets. There’s a lot about them that most people don’t know.

An interesting fact is that “Pit Bull” is not a dog breed—instead, it’s a generic term people use for dogs with similar traits and characteristics. These dogs can include American Pit Bull Terriers, Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, and Staffordshire Bull Terriers. It’s also important to know that while Pit Bulls are given a bad name as violent animals, the truth is that they are often wonderful family dogs who adore people. In fact, they love people so much that they are terrible watchdogs; they may bark if someone approaches, but usually only out of excitement to make new friends. That being said, these dogs are very loyal and devoted to their families, and if they see that you’re in danger, they will defend you with their lives.

dog hit by a car with broken leg

Rebel & Nurse Haily after a recent bandage change.

While Pit Bulls tend to be very people-friendly, it is important to keep a close eye on them when they are around other animals. Even if they will not typically start the fight, they rarely back down and due to their unfair reputation, they will often be the one blamed. Because of this, they are often happiest as a single household pet.

Rebel’s family learned very early on that Pit Bulls are very smart. They easily learn commands and tricks, and they love to be a part of whatever is going on around them. Their energy and excitement for life leaves them greeting the world with a puppy-like enthusiasm for years.

As any Pit Bull family, including Rebel’s, will say, if you are thinking of adopting a dog and have some experience with raising and training them, don’t cross Pit Bull breeds off your list of possibilities. When raised in a consistent and loving home, their natural devoted and loving personalities make them wonderful companion.

Rebel is on the road to recovery and is getting better each day.  She is still being monitored for her broken leg, but current progress has her moving in the right direction.  In the forthcoming months will be able to run, jump and play outside just as before.